Videos for blogs and social media

Government and privately sponsored blog ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ needed high quality videos of 2-3 minutes in length -featuring London Liberty girl ‘Sasha Wilkins’ – as part of a 40 day challenge that had to appeal to UK and Welsh audiences. have over 60,000 followers interested in articles and media tips to show show them how to save food waste and money on their weekly shop whilst benefiting the environment. In the UK in 2015 alone, £13 billion of edible food was thrown away which is the equivalent of 7.3 million tonnes of food waste.

The process
With our guidance on pre-production the client and presenter were well rehearsed to record these vlogs in only a few takes ensuring the costs were kept to a minimum during the editing phase. Working with a remote recce which entailed photographs being sent via email, our creative director planned the lighting and shot angles well in advance allowing more time to capture the content.

The campaign was driven via multiple communications channels, the campaign website and most importantly via blogger/influencer campaign to satisfy their ever increasing audience and potential future investors. The features tapped into two key motivators: Food as a valuable resource and as a natural resources that when used wisely will result in a a positive effect on the planet.

Through our affiliation with creative agency EMO Limited we reacted to a tight deadline, walked their client through the process and provided additional technical transcription and hosting support to meet their viewers language needs and to ensure optimum exposure to reach a wider audience.

Produced within one week ready for a tight publishing deadline.


We were confident with our client in your care
Adam Horne – Account manager  EMO  

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