Elite by Inspire

Event coverage

Enhance your brand identity, showcase your affiliations and influence your business community with event coverage.

The brief

Online viewing habits differ greatly from those of a captive audience. Inspire needed a promotional video to attract new Elite members whilst simultaneously capturing six presentations and 7 testimonials at during the Elite event.



We thoroughly researched Inspire’s offering whilst taking great care to capture the key presenters, members and the atmosphere of the event with intelligent images. We also shot multiple Elite member testimonials to prove Inspire are a brand to trust and be a part of.

It was important for viewers to distinguish Inspire leaders amongst the many affiliations that they work with.  Using a simple eyeliner technique we had Rob Perks and Mandy Patterson of Inspire talking directly to the camera to address viewers and affiliates and Elite members talking to the side of camera.

We also filmed six presentations on the day. We focused on the key objectives, stripped out all hesitancy from the presenters and removed any time references to power up the performances and to lengthen the lifetime of the video.



The results

A dynamic promotional and sales tools to introduce their vast offering in a few minutes online at networking events.

Increased membership and brand awareness



Watch the video

Enhance’s USP is the depth of research they do to concisely represent your business

Rob Perks

Chief Executive, Inspire