E3D tech review: Talking Titan Aero

E3D are changing the way you print forever. They are world renowned for their innovation in high performance 3D printing committed to pushing the boundaries not only in 3D printing but also within their marketing campaigns.

Video is an integral sales tool for E3D, this powerful medium excites higher customer engagement, results in a signifiant increase in sales conversions and is core for their PR relations and social media marketing.




Produce a tech review to showcase the key features of the product and sell to E3D’s pro-consumer.


E3D wanted an ‘on brand’ and informal talk show with the engineer and company founder. E3D are known for their fun approach to innovation and to match their audiences expectations we were tasked to include at least one innuendo.

We designed studio lighting in line with Jade and Ben’s former experience filming with Rolls Royce and Jaguar to stylise the products and showcase the intricate detail of the product materials and manufacturing.

Various angles were introduced to show the engineer and company founder interacting with the product.






Youtube views within 2 weeks of launch.

Product sold out within 2 days resulting in significant  manufacturing increase and pre-orders.

Extended audience reach and enhanced exposure amongst industry advocates and 3D print authorities.


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‘You have won our hearts’


Sanjay Mortimer

Director. Research, Develpoment and Community Relations Manager, E3D Online