Crocodile ‘walking bus’ app

Crocodile is a green app for children walking to school. It’s aim is to help working parents and also contribute to lower CO2 omissions.

The brief

To produce a commerical using non-professional child actors to suit a modest budget under £3,000


Senior scriptwriter David Lassman crafted a simple story to enable Director Jade Leanne Taylor to organise and work with non-professional child actors. This significantly reduced the budget costing just over £2K. Steadicam shots were introduced o ensure the last frame was remembered and the brand iconised.

The group shots were filmed first to capitalise on the excitement and fresh energy of the non-professional actors with the more intimate car scenes being filmed later.



views on youtube so far.

£50K of Funding awarded to develop the app with much praise for the commerical from the judges.


Watch the video

Made at Doubleshot studios