Arthritis UK

We made a series of online case studies for their Youtube channel to reach a specialised audience.

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The brief

Produce a series of case studies


Documenting a warm and assured production with a high value of respect is the prime focus when encouraging young people who have the courage to be vulnerable in front of the camera and to share the pain they have suffered.

During production the most effective way to build a sense of trust and safety is to diffuse all confusion and tensions which is often tricky to implement with tight timescales.  The main objective is to have a clear direction and gentle authority and to encourage the entire team to focus and listen respectfully to the young person who has volunteered to open up their lives.

There are many technical ways to help centre someone in front of the camera and to put everyone into a considerate frame of mind. One way is to record atmosphere for post-production. Atmosphere is essential to maintain a consistency audio ambience, but it can also be used as a minutes silence to harmonise quiet on set before moving into the heart of the narrative.


The results

A highly successful social media campaign.





Made at Doubleshot studios