How to make easy and affordable videos

If you are looking to capture simple talking head pieces for your blogs or social media campaigns then this half day workshop is for you. This 3 hour course is designed for small businesses and authors who want to become experts and connect deeper with their audiences using the added value of video.

Those attending ideally own a phone or an iPad and have a keen business focus or mission to share their knowledge and expertise with a wider audience.

No prior video experience is needed.

At the end of the course you will have the confidence to set up your own studio to capture valuable content to suit your audience needs. We will also take you through the practical process ensuring you remember all of the tips and tricks to make high quality video.

What you get

Valuable Content

Ideas and templates for social media

Presentation skills

Using autocue and improvisation


Equipment consultation

Working with what you have

Technical tips to improve

Build a studio for £120


Practical experience

Setting your stage

Presenting to camera




Private tuition £375 ex VAT

Group workshop  £450 ex VAT

Venue hire for group workshops not included