Affordable online commercials

Isoperla – a developer of wildlife apps wanted  a series of app commercials to suit the confines of a small budget. To do this we used the client’s resources which was the the app itself, hired a cast to bring to life a sense of  lifestyle and utilised our capabilities as a creative and cohesive video team.



Our scriptwriter worked intelligently within the confines of the resources available whilst targeting the clients demographic to validate Isoperla’s commitment to ‘bring people together with nature’. 

He identified that the target market were explorers of new technologies mainly for fun and recreation. The client also wanted the commercial to appeal to both Iphone and android users. Two characters were introduced to represent the different phone technologies and also to play on the relationship of a father and daughter to show how the app appeals to all generations.



To minimise production costs, our producer with their strong leadership and sharp focus had the team travel to one location and worked closely with the client during casting to ensure that both actors had the appropriate costumes/wardrobe and could tend to their own hair and make-up. The onset crew consisted of a cameraman skilled in sound recording and a director to capture the scenes in accordance with a detailed storyboard.



Following a thorough pre-production plan comprised of the script, brand identity and a detailed storyboard with the director’s notes and camera angles meant minimal editing of only 2 days to include, graphics and colour enhancement.



The films for this independent company reached over 54,000 potential customers, enhanced sales whilst also introducing them to a tour of the app.



Scriptwriting                           £300

Producing & Directing           £650

Cameraman  (includes kit)     £400

Editor                                  £600

Casting                                 £700

TOTAL £2,650


It is possible to reduce the casting costs with the introduction of  non-professional actors. See this film ‘Catapult’ as an example of a company who used their own children.



Our marketing budget works much harder with video
Mark Haley Company Director Isoperla

made with doubleshot studios