Video Production and Performance coaching


Are you ready to shoot your clients, or do you want to hire someone to do it for you? 

Video is the most powerful personalised marketing tool in a business landscape where relationships are redefined by technology and the demand for authentic online service continues to grow. That’s why Jade has created a range of video solutions to connect you to global and local audiences.

Feel the fear and film it anyway – a pain free shooting guaranteed. 



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“You have won our hearts”

Jade and her team excel in all the projects. One in particular for Zurich has been so successful we’re now producing the films for the Spanish market.
Miriam Shire

Project manager, Williams Lea Tag

Jade is a one-off. I recognised her integrity when first meeting her 10 years ago.  Her innate humanity and resilience makes her more than just an industry professional. She brings a natural intelligence and refreshingly open heart to simply every thing she does. I wish there were many more like her.
Mark McGann

Film Director and actor, Drama Direct